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She Creates Change – In her work and in the world

Who we are:

She Creates Change is a global women's empowerment community and program that helps women to connect with their authentic selves and offer their unique contributions to the world. We work with women who are dedicated to designing the life of their dreams, and becoming a positive force in their communities through their alignment with their calling. Ultimately we are igniting a movement, compelling women to take action and blaze their path with passion. 

What we do:

She Creates Change provides professional fulfillment for women through a path of personal development. Ultimately, we help to create effective and lasting change in the women who work with us through the power of gathering in women's circles. As our favorite quote on this subject goes:

  • “A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, Dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love great. You will be changed. The very fabric of your Being will be altered by this. If you allow it. Please, Allow it.” ~ Author Unknown


Why we do it:

Our vision is to help women who feel called to find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives and to make a contribution to our world. More and more women are waking up and finding themselves no longer content to settle for an unsatisfying work life that leaves them feeling disconnected and creatively stifled. As women, we are still young in the world of work and are still learning how to master this arena with a grace and confidence that leaves us feeling aligned and joyful. We know that when we put attention on one area of our lives with the intention to grow, all the other areas begin to blossom as well. That is why we gather to "do the work" together- to be the change we wish to see.

How we do it:

Our program consists of three parts:

*A community:  The community of hundreds of women served by She Creates Change is a warm, accepting, and inclusive environment that welcomes diversity and celebrates change. 

*A curriculum: The 200 page workbook that guides the process with reflective excercises is a pivotal piece of the puzzle, assisting each member through the journey by providing daily activities.

*A coach:  The trained SCC coach who is always a Jumpstart Graduate herself is a skilled facilitator in holding the space for the deep work of each and all participants, acting as a teacher and guide to help you along your path!

* A woman's circle - a group of up to 15 women that you meet with consistently for 5 months to support you making lasting change.


Core Programs: 

JumpStart CHANGE - This program is a 5-month in-person group experience that allows for deep self-inquiry as well as the necessary steps to find your authentic vision for your whole life and take the right steps to integrate the changes you wish to make.  The process continues for 20 weeks in-person for 2.5 hours a week (plus office hours!) using the full She Creates Change curriculum. It also includes access to our online community as well as discounts on monthly workshops.

Jumpstart CHANGE Intensive- This signature 5-month in-person program also runs for 20 weeks, for 2 hours each week, and additional office hours.  In this Intensive, the process begins with a high impact weekend with 20 hours of work, touching on aspects of each part of the full She Creates Change curriculum. It also includes access to our online community as well as discounts on monthly workshops.

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Advanced Courses and Continuation Programs:

Celebrating Change-  Our advanced course exclusively for graduates of the 20 week Jumpstart Programs is here! This program will focus specifically on our wholeness model, helping women to move all areas of their lives through first approaching the area of your life where you feel the most stuck.  This program is based on the understanding "that you can only move as fast as the slowest part of you is available for.  It is perfect for graduates that are committed to their personal and professional development and is designed to help you properly execute your work/life plan in an even more systemized and supportive way.

Membership- A program designed for the graduates of our programs to stay connected to the community via online and in-person events and programming to continue to grow existing bonds and relationships and to form new ones with so many of our lovely ladies. Having been through the same process, there is a kinship and connection that automatically connects us and makes it easy and fun to relate as we continue to evolve on our journies. COMING SOON!  

E-mail with feedback, suggestions, or questions about Membership!


Core Philosophies 

Invest in Yourself
You are your most important asset. We spend our lives investing on an education about everything outside of ourselves. When you make an investment in learning about yourself, you’re making a true commitment to open your mind to a new way of thinking, one that will help you realize your true potential personally and professionally.

Join a Supportive Community
They say if want  something, start hanging around the people that have it. In order to be successful it’s vital to surround yourself with people that will support and nurture your dreams. They will become your biggest advocates and remind you of your greatness even when you forget.
No Change, NO CHANGE
If you don’t start making changes nothing is going to change! Most people have good intentions but are both unclear in some cases as well as too afraid to take right action. Real change requires a heightened consciousness around what changes need to occur in order for us to realize our true potential.