She Creates Change is a global women’s empowerment company.  We are your community for co-creating the world which you wish to see — a world where you are making a difference and have the opportunity to thrive, living your best life.


We help women find their voice and their unique calling in the world… It’s an easy formula.


More balance + more passion + more purpose + more action =
more (and longer lasting) happiness.

Ultimately we are igniting a movement, compelling women to take action and blaze their path with passion and purpose.

More Balance

We go to school and many of us continue into college and graduate school, but we rarely learn, in a classroom, the lessons that will help us bring more energy, more joy and more passion to our day-to-day life.  Our unique 12 C’s methodology is an easy to follow, life changing bootcamp for the head, heart and soul.  You follow the steps and your life gets better.  It’s really that simple.

More Passion

We all want to live the lives of our dreams but for each one of us, that dream is as specific and unique as our DNA.  It takes time, mentorship and wise counsel to architect the dream that’s right for you.

We help women invest in creating their own personal blueprint for a happy life then we help them figure out how to get there, step by step.

More Purpose

A purposeful life includes living with intention and being of service. What do you care about?  What matters most?  How can you give back to society?  We help women learn how to do this and help to answer these questions with depth and understanding.

More Action

Dreaming big is necessary and good but what about the work required to execute on your dream?   We help women map out and then take “right action” towards finding their voice and giving their gifts




Suparna Bhasin

Founder and CEO

A leader, a visionary, a teacher, an inspiration, 41–year old Suparna Bhasin is a passionate entrepreneur with compassion, vision and conviction. CEO of She Creates Change, Suparna has dedicated her life to personal and global transformation through empowering people to make their dreams a reality. Suparna brings the qualities of clarity, openness and belief in infinite possibility to a strong background in business.

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Suparna’s inspired journey began as an analyst, trainer and manager for a large regional bank in Baltimore. In the late 1990’s, Suparna discovered the life coaching industry and was motivated to begin her training as a life coach. In 2002, she co-founded AYA a coaching and consulting company that worked with start-up companies that had a transformational product or service they hoped to bring to market. In 2004, Suparna joined a life coaching company called Passion into Practice helping people find what they love and turn it into what they do.

Currently Suparna is the Founder and CEO of She Creates Change. She Creates Change has a mission to create a world where women are fully engaged in life, doing their calling, and making a meaningful contribution in the world. Through an online course, speaking engagements and books the company educates and inspires women to take action and make a difference in their world, ultimately leading to change globally. Currently Suparna is also writing a book titled “She Creates Change: In herself and in the world!”

Suparna’s vision has also spread to empower and aid several not-for-profits. Currently she sits on the board of YES! For Schools with a mission to bring human values back to the educational process. Prior to this she sat as President of the Board of Women’s Education Project for two years and helped the non- profit grow in it’s ability to reach more women through education and life skills empowerment. Prior to this she has served as a Trustee for SAAAIDS (South Asia Against AIDS) where she supported the program’s mission and vision through fundraising and spreading awareness. She was also a lead coach for Future Possibilities, a not-for-profit organization that mentors inner city children and empowers them to develop critical self-esteem and life skills.

Suparna’s undergraduate education began at Emory University and ended at Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. In 1998 she went on to receive a Masters in Arts in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She is a certified coach from both Coach for Life and The Life Purpose Institute, and she is an affiliate of the Leadership and Assessment Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Personally, Suparna is always on the quest for personal growth and has trained at the Option Institute, a worldwide center that offers transformational empowering programs. Suparna frequently speaks on topics such as, Living Your Passion, Women in Business and Personal Empowerment.


Josefina Bashout

LA facilitator

Josefina Bashout is internationally known as the Pussy Priestess for her work as a Sex Wellness Educator & Embodiment Coach. She facilitates authentic embodiment, empowering men and women to heal by reconnecting them to their sacred sexuality & removing shame around experiencing pleasure. Her mission is to raise the collective consciousness through bridging the gap between spirituality and sexuality. 

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Over a decade ago, she began her journey of research and development in the fields of sacred sexuality and holistic wellness after healing herself from pre-cervical cancer and becoming her own greatest healer. Now she is sharing these ancient and modern wisdoms to curate experiences for audiences, individuals and sisterhood communities around the globe as a leader & cultivator.  

Aside from being a Sexual Wellness & Empowerment Coach, Josefina is a certified Akashic Record Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Speaker. She applies an alternative approach to wellness using functional medicine & intuition as she utilizes her teachings of Spiritual Psychology, Mindfulness, Tantra, Shamanic Healing, and Metaphysics into her heart-centered empowerment work. 

She guides individuals through sexual alchemy & personal transformation so that their life is designed from a blueprint expressed from the soul level. This transformation further empowers authentic self-expression in all interpersonal relationships, leading to a more blissful human experience and connection to one’s inner muse.

Josefina is the creator of The Way Of The Priestess™  an 8 week online immersive journey and global women’s community rooted in sisterhood and sensual exploration. She has also crafted the L.O.V.E MEthod™ Coaching Program and offers Akasha Soul Activations™. In addition to her programs, she also facilitates retreats worldwide.

Josefina has been interviewed on national network television, radio shows, and podcasts as a featured sex, love & relationship expert. 

To learn more about her work and any upcoming events, visit her at JosefinaBashout.com  and follow her on Instagram @pusssypriestess  

Facebook: Josefina Bashout


Jackie Janiec

NYC Facilitator

With a Bachelors of Business Administration from Hofstra University majoring in marketing, Jackie has a successful career for over 19 years in the fashion industry launching more than twelve brands into major retail outlets.  Jackie embraces the knowledge, skills and creativity from her career however never felt like it was her true calling.

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Then, Jackie met Suparna Bhasin and She Creates Change in June 2010 and has not looked back. Her years of involvement with “She Creates Change” have affected her life in ways she could not have imagined. Upon her journey in the JumpStart program, Jackie become abundantly clear that coaching was her path and obtained a certification with over 100 hours of training from New York University.   

Nowadays, Jackie is a Love and Relationship Coach, a She Creates Change facilitator, and a warm-not-fuzzy motivational speaker who is committed to helping women untangle the worry, fear, and self-doubt around all areas of their lives to achieve ridiculous happiness. She is honest, playful and impactful in her coaching and facilitation of women’s groups. Listening, supporting and challenging women to discover who they are, what they believe in and then articulating their goals and ambitions into achievable actions that get the desired results.  Jackie transforms women in simple yet real ways because she believes that all women are worth it and all women have the power to change because what you believe changes everything.



“Jackie did such a great job considering that we physically couldn’t see each other during the entire virtual program. She was able to connect everyone in a way that worked for the group as a whole, if someone started to drift off in a rant and it didn’t fully support what the subject was on, she’d like them speak for a bit, but jump in at the right moment to get it back on track. She had a great sense of delicate control which helped some stronger personalities and egos in the group at times on certain days. She was a true leader in giving examples of what she meant when we’d be lead into a topic.” – Semra Ergun

“Having Jackie as my facilitator in the SCC virtual class was an experience I’ll always be grateful for. Jackie made me feel so supported during my journey while taking the course. She is extremely gifted at holding people accountable and keeping them on their game, while still being loving and gentle at the same time. I discovered SCC at a time of huge transition, challenges, and overwhelm. What I got was a safe place I could go every week to talk everything out, and find the clarity I needed to stay focused on reaching my goals in all aspects of my life. My biggest takeaway from doing SCC is the amazing community of women I met and worked closely with. We are still all in touch, cheering each other on and inspiring one another. I am so happy I made the decision to be part of it and highly recommend SCC and Jackie to anyone looking for a support system and community as they make big life changes and strive to be their best self.” – Becca Schack

“I would recommend SCC when you want to start taking the steps to review your current life and start imagining and manifesting your future. I would also recommend Jackie, she always felt like she was there with you and for you.” – Kristy Barry

Shrooti Singh

Shrooti Singh

NJ facilitator

As a certified professional coach, Shrooti empowers people to ignite change by helping them articulate their whole life vision, and overcome obstacles in order to achieve personal and professional goals. She is passionate about helping individuals and teams communicate effectively, strategize ways to overcome conflict and create accountability plans for the long-term. 

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Shrooti partnered with Suparna to launch the Mumbai chapter of She Creates Change. With She Creates Change, Shrooti worked closely with the global head of HR at ICICI Prudential in Mumbai in order to launch their first ever Women’s Empowerment Initiative. She conducted workshops to help women identify career gaps, empower them to seek promotions and enable them to see their individual contribution to ICICI Prudential. She also wrote, designed, and directed an e-learning training module targeting workplace equality at ICICI Prudential.

Shrooti also taught the She Creates Change curriculum for the Women’s Internal Network at Barclays Mumbai in order to help women maximize their engagement to work and leverage their resources to further their careers.

In addition to her work with She Creates Change Mumbai, Shrooti single-handedly spearheaded a change initiative for Nexsales in Mumbai, a B2B marketing start-up headquartered in California. She helped the organization with overall productivity and engagement through group facilitation and 1:1 coaching for managers.

Shrooti is also a professional Odissi dancer and has performed extensively in the NYC/NJ area. She taught Bollywood fitness classes in Mumbai and is currently affiliated with Sudhamini Dance Academy in NJ.

Shrooti holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College. Prior to coaching, Shrooti worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in NYC on the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, at Harvard Medical School, and performed with the Nayikas Dance Theater Company in NYC. She is also a yoga enthusiast and completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. She currently resides in Basking Ridge, NJ with her husband and son.


“Living the life of my dreams… Let me tell you about it!”

At 25 I experienced my quarter-life crisis.  I was in my first job out of college and I remember walking through the halls thinking, “I don’t belong here.  This is not what I want to be doing.” I was clueless. Trying to find my path, I launched myself into whatever came my way in those early years.  I had three different jobs and explored the possibility of three other careers.  I seriously considered pursuing an MBA, went as far as taking the LSATs for law school, and almost applied to become a social worker.  Fortunately, I course corrected before it was too late.   I opted into a masters in Organizational Psychology, or psychology of the workplace, which is relevant to what I do today.


I was 29 when I finally found life coaching.   I got my certificate but I wasn’t actually doing anything with it for a good two years.  I remember being in my big corporate job, making A LOT of money, and feeling like if I left and gave up that steady paycheck I would drown!  Worried about how I’d support myself, I felt too scared to leave.  But this attitude of knowing what my dream job was and staying stuck in a job I didn’t want led to really intense panic attacks – and that didn’t help.


So, I knew I had to take ACTION!  In the summer of 2001 I signed up for a $12,000 eight-week course called Living The Dream.  The course changed my life forever and some of the principles are very much ingrained in what I teach today.  I remember getting up at the end of the course and saying…”I’m going to have an extraordinary life!”  A month later I lost my job and told everyone to congratulate me, I was off to my next adventure.

Investing in myself was a game changer.  I turned 30 that summer and began to really play with the possibilities that being a life coach entailed.  I engaged in three different life coaching businesses with three different partners, but always around someone else’s ideas and vision.  I learned a lot in these ventures but I hadn’t yet uncovered my expression of how I wished to serve.


I finally realized I had to follow my truth and in 2009 started my current business She Creates Change. I felt like I had finally found my VOICE!  And the crazy part is this, I filled two full workshops in forty-five days!   I believe that because I was aligned with my truth, the universe was able to fully support my success


At the peak of my career in 2013, I really felt like I had it all. An amazing business, beautiful friends and family, a spiritual community, money in the bank but I was still missing one thing.  A life partner to laugh with, travel with, do service work with, make love with and have as a best friend and partner in love and life.  I am happy to report that I fell in love with this man in 2014.  He’s Australian so earlier this year I moved to Melbourne to be with him and pursue my dreams with him by my side.   So I got my happy ending, my forever after, and the next thing on mind and in my heart is to make as big a difference as I can before I leave this planet.


It took me thirteen years to get from being stuck to finding my calling. My biggest wish is to help accelerate your journey so you can get busy doing your part.