She Creates Change is a global women's empowerment company.
We help women find their voice and their unique calling in the world… It’s an easy formula:

More balance, more passion, more purpose + more action = more (and longer lasting) happiness.

Ultimately we are igniting a movement, compelling women to take action and blaze their path with passion and purpose.

More Balance

We go to school and many of us continue into college and graduate school, but we rarely learn, in a classroom, the lessons that will help us bring more energy, more joy and more passion to our day-to-day life.  Our unique 12 C’s methodology is an easy to follow, life changing bootcamp for the head, heart and soul.  You follow the steps and your life gets better.  It’s really that simple.

More Passion

We all want to live the lives of our dreams but for each one of us, that dream is as specific and unique as our DNA.  It takes time, mentorship and wise counsel to architect the dream that’s right for you.

We help women invest in creating their own personal blueprint for a happy life then we help them figure out how to get there, step by step.

More Purpose

A purposeful life includes living with intention and being of service. What do you care about?  What matters most?  How can you give back to society?  We help women learn how to do this and help to answer these questions with depth and understanding.

More Action

Dreaming big is necessary and good but what about the work required to execute on your dream?   We help women map out and then take “right action” towards finding their voice and giving their gifts



STEP 1. Invest in yourself

You are your most important asset.   You spend your life investing in an education about everything outside of yourself.  When you make an investment to learn about yourself, you are making a true commitment to open your mind to a new way of life.

STEP 2. Find Your Tribe

She Creates Change is a community of like-minded women committed to their transformation and in turn the transformation of the planet.  The community is a place to come to feel seen, heard and supported in taking the necessary steps to making your dreams a reality!

STEP 3: Be of Service

Marian Wright Edelman said it best, “Service is the rent we pay for living.”  If you are feeling stuck and disengaged, then service is the best way to re-connect with your purpose and your joy.  There’s a reason that the world’s greatest leaders: be it Oprah in media or Bill and Melinda Gates in technology all count service as a cornerstone of their success.

A lot of coaching programs promise to give you the tools to make more wealth.  We look at things a little differently.  Your life is already rich with possibility.  When you give, you get.  It’s that simple.  That’s why service is an intrinsic part of our program.

STEP 4. Find Your Voice

How do you take care of yourself with others?  What is your unique expression in the world?  To feel truly empowered it is important to hold your boundary, express yourself with strength and find out what your gifts are and give them.   We help you to do this through getting really centered and then get to know yourself better in terms of what you love to do and where you can have the greatest impact.  Through this you will become self-expressed in all areas of life.

Meet the Team

The Executive team from She Creates Change

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Suparna Bhasin

Founder & CEO

Suparna Bhasin is a passionate entrepreneur with compassion, vision and conviction.


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Claudia Munoz

Chief Operating Officer

From a young age, Claudia knew that her goal was always simple but powerful as wanting to help people...


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