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Radical Truth Telling: Interview with Rachel Rossitto

Today I’d love to introduce you to my dear friend Rachel Rossitto. Rachel is radiant, inside and out, and what I love about our conversation is the truth telling that was shared.

Especially regarding a subtle energy she noticed at the Women’s March… which is exactly what we are addressing here in this series. You’ll gain insight into these times and the darkness that we appear to be in, and how to look in the uncomfortable places in a way that allows all of us to evolve and grow.

I could not agree more – we do need to reach out and connect to each other and learn to listen deeply. The idea that we create clarity and alignment before we take action is a powerful one, and is exactly what we teach here at She Creates Change.

I really think you’ll relate to Rachel’s story… it’s a common tale around burnout and struggle… and will inspire you to think about your passions, your purpose and finding and creating a life that is authentically yours.

And I really appreciate the advice that she shares to discover some of the radical truths that are alive within you.

Will you ask yourself the five questions?

I’m going to – and would love it if you’d share any insights in our She Creates Change Facebook Group.

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Radical Truth Telling: Interview with Tabby Biddle

We continue our series of interviews with women who are creating change that is aligned with their individual purpose and calling, with a powerful conversation with Tabby Biddle.

Tabby is a women’s rights advocate, leadership coach and leadership ambassador for Take the Lead a non-profit that prepares, develops, inspires and propels women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025.

In this inspiring interview, you’re going to learn why Tabby was a bit nervous to attend the Women’s March in Washington D.C. and what she experienced once there.

You’ll hear her perspective on these polarizing times, and what she sees as the end-game of the rise of the divine feminine (and oh do I share your vision Tabby!!) …

And, she shares real world advice with you if you feel like you know that you’re meant to be doing… something…but you might not be sure what this is.

Tabby is right. I cannot minimize the importance of finding a community of women to empower you, listen to you, guide you and cheer you on. Especially when you have the audacity to try and make a difference in the unique way that you feel called. We need each other, and we need to have each others’ backs more than ever.

Whether you are meeting with the UN like Tabby, or you’re at the very beginning of your own personal inquiry into your purpose and place in the world, having a circle of women to motivate you and inspire you is vital.

In just a few of weeks, we are going to be curating a live gathering of women for you to experience this very thing… so keep your eyes on this space for details coming soon.   

You can learn more about Tabby and her work with Take the Lead at

Much love,

P.s. Only 18% of women are in top leadership positions across sectors?!?!  That number shocked me. It really is time that we enter the ring and play the game. Don’t you think?  

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Radical Truth Telling: Interview with Farai Chideya

I am thrilled to bring you the first of a series of interviews with global change agents, leaders, and activists. The purpose of these interviews is to bring a diverse and intelligent discourse to the big ideas that we believe will create lasting and permanent change within ourselves and for the world.

It’s one thing to march, protest and post on Facebook, but it’s time for action. So, I’ve invited some of the most on purpose women I know to have a conversation, share their ‘She Creates Change Story’ and give us some practical advice on the best ways to access our purpose and place in the world so that we can make a real difference.

I am honored that the first of these conversations is with a former NPR host, acclaimed journalist and novelist Farai Chideya. Farai had a front row seat to much of what has been happening geopolitically in her role as a journalist, particularly in her work at with Nate Silver.

Farai is experiencing her own challenges to pursue her passions and make a difference in the world and shares her lessons and learnings on how she is becoming the best version of herself. I’m excited to share her with you. There is a lot of interesting insights that I believe you will benefit from greatly!

How do you see creating the delicate balance that all women who desire to be change agents must navigate in your work? And how can you begin to embrace the truly profound concept that Farai shared when relating to friends and family who have opposing views… views that perhaps you see as “wrong”?

I’d love to hear from you. And do let me know if you have questions that you’d like me to ask our upcoming guests.

It’s my hope that the advice, insight and stories that you’ll be hearing will inspire you to create a ‘She Creates Change’ story of your very own.

All my best,

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