STEP 1. Invest in yourself

You are your most important asset. You spend your life investing in an education about everything outside of yourself.  When you make an investment to learn about yourself, you are making a true commitment to open your mind to a new way of life.

STEP 2. Find Your Tribe

She Creates Change is a community of like-minded women committed to their transformation and in turn the transformation of the planet.  The community is a place to come to feel seen, heard and supported in taking the necessary steps to making your dreams a reality!

STEP 3: Be of Service

Marian Wright Edelman said it best, “Service is the rent we pay for living.”  If you are feeling stuck and disengaged, then service is the best way to re-connect with your purpose and your joy.

STEP 4. Find Your Voice

How do you take care of yourself with others? To feel truly empowered it is important to hold your boundary, express yourself with strength and find out what your gifts are and give them.   We help you get centered and know yourself better in terms of what you love to do and where you can have the greatest impact.

The moment to invest in yourself, to find your TRIBE, to gain tools to be at the greatest of SERVICE to the world, and to find your VOICE it NOW.  


Many of us are so focused on our day-to-day, we forget about ourselves, we forget our calling, we lose track of who we are.

“The place God `{`The Universe`}` calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” –Frederick Buechner

Your passion should be the foundation for your giving. Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor at the University of California,  states that “People who engage in kind acts become happier over time.” There are several studies links to acts of service and your personal happiness. Our goal is to support you in being able to serve the world in doing what you love. In doing so, you are not only created a healthier person, you are creating a healthier world.


Our Jumpstart program helps with setting a foundation for how you want to live your life. With our tools clients are more able relax, focus on what they love, are more self-confident, have less anxiety or nervousness, are more financially stable, and experience more overall success both personally and professionally.


Our pillars making this program effective for lasting change are our Guided Curriculum, our Community and Tribe, our Group Facilitation, and the Mastermind Circles we share with one another.


Guided Curriculum

14 Guided Lessons – each week you’ll receive a video lesson and exercises and homework that will allow you to achieve specific outcomes based on the content.


Community + Tribe

Our private community facebook group – for course participants only – will allow you to ‘reach out and touch’ someone 24×7. The simple truth is that you can’t JumpStart Change alone, and our community is vital to your transformation.



For the duration of our 15-week program you’ll participate in weekly group coaching for two hours in person that will illuminate your blind spots, and your greatness, as well as support you to move through the inevitable resistance and fear that come with change.



Every week you will also have breakout sessions during the 2 hour class with your small group of 3-4 women for more intimate connection and support through your journey of change. The relationships and friendships you form will last a lifetime.


The She Creates Change Solution offered in our JumpStart program is centered around our 12Cs Curriculum:

The 12 C’s constitute the coursework for the program. They consist of four phases of change (see below) designed to deepen your connection to yourself, your dreams, and your future. Within each phase there are three key principles that provide the tools and resources to create lasting change not only in your work, but within yourself, your life, and in the world.


As you find your center, discover your calling and begin to take steps to move up the spectrum of change, you’ll begin to feel more fulfilled and confident. Inspired ideas will come easily and you’ll have the courage to take action on your ideas.

You’ll move beyond the past and present and step into your new future, from a centered intentional place.


We help you by offering a supportive group of like-minded women committed to their own transformation, along with the transformation of the planet.


Evidence shows of spiritual gatherings occurring possibly as early as 300,000 years ago.  Research today demonstrates community belonging is connected with physical and mental health. Those who meet now in communal gatherings have longer lives, are more successful, and have better overall health. Technology has changed our connection with friends and family. People can live in other countries, different states and cities and still can stay connected virtually. We offer an online community of women, allowing for that connectedness we all desire, helping us to achieve our dreams.

“The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman” -The Dalai Lama

When you invest in this program, you are making a true commitment to open your mind to a new way of life.


When you become fully resourced: Financially, Spiritually and Psychically and you are ALIGNED with your DIVINE PURPOSE…. You can indeed BECOME the CHANGE YOU want to see in the WORLD.


Can you imagine flourishing, feeling confident, connected, being in alignment with both your personal and professional goals and THRIVING? This is our work. Through JumpStart Change, we help you prioritise your life, work, health, professional goals, and give you the opportunity to be stronger, freer, happier, healthier, and most of all authentically YOU.