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Suparna Bhasin

Founder and CEO of She Creates Change

A leader, a visionary, a teacher, an inspiration, 41–year old Suparna Bhasin is a passionate entrepreneur with compassion, vision and conviction. CEO of She Creates Change, Suparna has dedicated her life to personal and global transformation through empowering people to make their dreams a reality. Suparna brings the qualities of clarity, openness and belief in infinite possibility to a strong background in business.

Suparna’s inspired journey began as an analyst, trainer and manager for a large regional bank in Baltimore. In the late 1990’s, Suparna discovered the life coaching industry and was motivated to begin her training as a life coach. In 2002, she co-founded AYA a coaching and consulting company that worked with start-up companies that had a transformational product or service they hoped to bring to market. In 2004, Suparna joined a life coaching company called Passion into Practice helping people find what they love and turn it into what they do.

Currently Suparna is the Founder and CEO of She Creates Change. She Creates Change has a mission to create a world where women are fully engaged in life, doing their calling, and making a meaningful contribution in the world. Through an online course, speaking engagements and books the company educates and inspires women to take action and make a difference in their world, ultimately leading to change globally. Currently Suparna is also writing a book titled “She Creates Change: In herself and in the world!”

Suparna’s vision has also spread to empower and aid several not-for-profits. Currently she sits on the board of YES! For Schools with a mission to bring human values back to the educational process. Prior to this she sat as President of the Board of Women’s Education Project for two years and helped the non- profit grow in it’s ability to reach more women through education and life skills empowerment. Prior to this she has served as a Trustee for SAAAIDS (South Asia Against AIDS) where she supported the program's mission and vision through fundraising and spreading awareness. She was also a lead coach for Future Possibilities, a not-for-profit organization that mentors inner city children and empowers them to develop critical self-esteem and life skills.

Suparna’s undergraduate education began at Emory University and ended at Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. In 1998 she went on to receive a Masters in Arts in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She is a certified coach from both Coach for Life and The Life Purpose Institute, and she is an affiliate of the Leadership and Assessment Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Personally, Suparna is always on the quest for personal growth and has trained at the Option Institute, a worldwide center that offers transformational empowering programs. Suparna frequently speaks on topics such as, Living Your Passion, Women in Business and Personal Empowerment.

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Claudia Munoz

Chief Operating Officer

From a young age, Claudia knew that whatever she became “when she grew up”

the one constant was as simple but powerful as wanting to help people.  Possible careers ranged from lawyer to doctor and finally to college professor when her analytical mind and love of science led her down the doctorate path.

After more than 7 years working in a lab, however, Claudia was craving a deeper connection and way to help people than what she experienced as a PhD student.  Her dream of becoming a professor, where she would be able to engage further in teaching and mentoring students like herself still seemed very far least 5 more years work as a post-doctoral fellow in yet another lab. As much as the intellectual part of her was stimulated in the scientific environment, she started looking into other career options.

Lured by the excitement of a new challenge, travel for work, the six-figure salary, and the prestige of working for one of the top consulting firms in the country, Claudia jumped at the chance to work for The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).  Claudia had been working as a consultant for less than 3 years when her health started to deteriorate, her body protesting the 70 plus hour work weeks, the stress of the constant client demands, the jet lag from working and living on different coasts.

It was during this time that Claudia found She Creates Change, and through doing the work re-discovered that sense of wanting to help people. She was so burnt out from the consulting work that she didn’t even have the capacity to process that she still wanted more out of her professional life. First things first though, she was able to transition into a different, less taxing and more service-oriented position at the same firm.

Claudia’s quality of life drastically improved, she was still satisfied intellectually with her new career, but now she had the time and energy to devote to herself as well as to be of service.

In March of 2015, Claudia found herself leaving BCG and the United States for immigration reasons and returning to her native country of Peru. This wasn’t planned or a conscious choice but perhaps the Universe’s way of providing what was still missing in her life. Claudia had acted as a business advisor to Suparna and SCC off and on since 2011, and now she had the time and space to really explore that partnership. Claudia and Suparna have been working closely together since July of 2015 to re-launch this business in its new online format.

Claudia’s formal education began at Swarthmore College, where she earned her B.A. in Biology in 1999 and ended with earning her PhD in Molecular Biology from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences in 2008. Claudia is a seeker by nature, not just in her professional field of life sciences but also in the “science” of life. She is always striving to better understand herself and the world around her – and has spent many years doing personal development work starting with taking the Silva Mind Control course just out of high school to the JumpStart Change program a few years back.  Currently Claudia is the Chief Operations Officer at She Creates Change where she is able to merge her analytical thinking and business savvy with her desire to help people and be an agent for change in the world.


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