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Marisol Y.  Jumpstart CHANGE September 2013

I had recently moved to NYC and had an idea of what I wanted to do but hadn't made any decisions. I loved JumpStart because it helped me to change my relationship to my money, my health, and love.  I opened myself up to love and have been in a relationship with an amazing man for the past 3 years, I will be debt free by Q1 of 2016, have been working with a naturopathic doctor to heal my body-I became a runner and in one year ran a 5K, 10K, and 1/2 marathon! I work with an amazing organization that trains entrepreneurs how to stay true to their calling and get paid what they are worth!   I would recommend this course to any woman who is questioning any area of their life and are open to exploring or changing it.

Mandy H. Jumpstart CHANGE October 2013

Jumpstart CHANGE set off a chain of events for me.   The couple months that I was in the program I was really decluttering my internal mind, and I continued to do that after the program.  After getting rid of the things that no longer serve me, that’s when I really got clear on what I want to do and finally get going.  Jumpstart literally jumpstarted the series of changes for me!   I started my own business as an intuition coach. This journey has taught me to embrace my own feelings and intuition, although it is often not the most rational thing to do, but my heart knows better if I am willing to allow it to lead me. When I have that certainty and I can trust my own feelings, happiness and fulfillment can be obtained everywhere in my life. This is my true calling, and knowing that I can help other people find inner peace and freedom is what makes me excited about being alive everyday. 🙂   I signed up for this course thinking I just wanted a community. But taking this course, or just being in a group full of amazing women, will sets of changes in your life whether you want it or not. I recommend this course because it will jumpstart your life.

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Lisa.H JumpStart CHANGE September 2011

When I started the JumpStart Change program, I was so far to the left of the “Spectrum of Change”  I could have been considered a radical! Seriously! Much like a radical, I placed action before reflection and deliberative thought. I threw myself into things that, on paper, would seem to bring me happiness but were only making me feel more unsettled: studying for the GMAT and applying to top M.B.A. programs. The problem was simply that my heart was not in it and I hadn’t begun to really think about the purpose of it all, let alone whether that purpose was born from a place of authenticity or the US News and World Report’s top college rankings. I was hungry for a change but didn’t know where to begin.

JumpStart was one of the best, most powerful experiences of my adult life. It was uniquely constructive in that it gently revealed my areas of resistance and let me be vulnerable and honest with myself, the women around me and, eventually, everyone else. Perhaps most importantly, it guided me toward the person that I want to be and the work I want to do. And, to properly accommodate the left side of my brain, it did so with a very thoughtful structure that included reading, meditation, lecture, writing and small-group sharing. I thought and, more importantly, felt deeply in a way that truly empowered me. It taught me how to be my biggest champion and the person who can save me when I’m down. I have a deeper, healthier relationship with myself, my family and friends and colleagues. And, I have never been more successful in work than I am now.  

I began surrounding myself with people who energized and excited me. The net effect was that I was more energized and excited and a lot of areas started opening up for me. I started getting job offers that I wasn’t getting before. I moved from a transient nexus on the Upper East Side to a more peaceful neighborhood in Park Slope. Coming home became relaxing and even (gasp!) joyful as opposed to jostling and anxiety-ridden. I started writing about finding my birth parents and began workshopping my pieces with a small group of writers.

Shortly after the program ended, I found myself in a new, sustainable job, a new apartment and a new group of friends who I met during Jumpstart. These women have become catalysts in their own right, enlightening me and proving to me every day that showing up as your brightest self brings only good things.

I would recommend this program because it empowers you to do the things you truly want to do.  The most important and longest relationship you have while you’re alive is with yourself. Once you learn how to get out of your own way and become your biggest fan, you begin to manifest the things that seem beyond your reach.

Tricia B. JumpStart CHANGE October 2012

I can't recommend She Creates Change enough!!  I started working with Suparna in graduate school, when I was debating between a more "traditional" high-powered career and doing something a bit more off the beaten path.  Suparna is an incredible coach -- very supportive, insightful, and provided a range of tools to really help not only understand what my true passion and calling was, but more importantly, help giving me the courage to follow it.  After following this passion and working in India for nearly five years, I reached back out to Suparna when I returned to NYC and ready for my next transition.


At this point, she had started She Creates Change.  While I initially was unsure of the group format (versus working with a coach one-on-one), the community of incredible women at She Creates Change surpassed all expectations.  Three years after formally completing the program, I am still in touch with two of the members -- we set goals, check in with one another monthly (even though we are all living around the world and no longer in the same city), and support one another.  I highly recommend working with Suparna and She Creates Change!

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Patricia P. JumpStart CHANGE October 2013

When I started the JumpStart program, I was depressed and felt trapped.  I had been taking care of my Mom for the past 10 years and was desperately looking for a way to live the life of my dreams while also continuing to care for her.  During JumpStart, I realized that I was stuck in a pattern of believing I was a victim.  Through coaching, I began to understand that living the life I wanted started with a strong, loving relationship with myself.   As I connected more deeply with my spirituality, hidden gifts began to emerge and I started to trust my intuition.
I was on the verge of developing a clear vision for something I called Healing House.  Sadly, however, my Mom passed away.   Suddenly, I was faced with the blank page that represented my life.  Caregiver and victim had been my identity up until that point. But due to my participation in JumpStart and the support I received, I got very clear that the life I lived up until that point was as a result of the choices I had previously made.  At the end of the program, I made a new choice.  I voluntarily left my job as a healthcare marketing professional and embarked on a journey of discovering what's next.  Had it not been for the coaching, supportive community of like-minded women, encouragement and new ideas presented to me in the program, I would not have had the courage to make this bold choice.  Shortly after the program ended, I trained as a creative writing workshop facilitator and led workshops at an orphanage in Malawi, Africa.  I also chose for the first time to focus on my health and trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  Being healthy means using my gifts in the world and I have since launched Holistic Big Ideas to help women live vibrant and healthy lives by making small changes that have a long-lasting impact on their health.
I don’t recognize my life and am deeply grateful for the ways in which it has been transformed.  I wholeheartedly recommend JumpStart for women who have had enough of being stuck and want to create a new story for their lives.