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At 25 I experienced my quarter-life crisis.  I was in my first job out of college and I remember walking through the halls thinking, “I don’t belong here.  This is not what I want to be doing.” I was clueless. Trying to find my path, I launched myself into whatever came my way in those early years.  I had three different jobs and explored the possibility of three other careers.  I seriously considered pursuing an MBA, went as far as taking the LSATs for law school, and almost applied to become a social worker.  Fortunately, I course corrected before it was too late.   I opted into a masters in Organizational Psychology, or psychology of the workplace, which is relevant to what I do today.

I was 29 when I finally found life coaching.   I got my certificate but I wasn’t actually doing anything with it for a good two years.  I remember being in my big corporate job, making A LOT of money, and feeling like if I left and gave up that steady paycheck I would drown!  Worried about how I’d support myself, I felt too scared to leave.  But this attitude of knowing what my dream job was and staying stuck in a job I didn’t want led to really intense panic attacks – and that didn’t help.

So, I knew I had to take ACTION!  In the summer of 2001 I signed up for a $12,000 eight-week course called Living The Dream.  The course changed my life forever and some of the principles are very much ingrained in what I teach today.  I remember getting up at the end of the course and saying…”I’m going to have an extraordinary life!”  A month later I lost my job and told everyone to congratulate me, I was off to my next adventure.

Investing in myself was a game changer.  I turned 30 that summer and began to really play with the possibilities that being a life coach entailed.  I engaged in three different life coaching businesses with three different partners, but always around someone else’s ideas and vision.  I learned a lot in these ventures but I hadn’t yet uncovered my expression of how I wished to serve.

I finally realized I had to follow my truth and in 2009 started my current business She Creates Change. I felt like I had finally found my VOICE!  And the crazy part is this, I filled two full workshops in forty-five days!   I believe that because I was aligned with my truth, the universe was able to fully support my success

At the peak of my career in 2013, I really felt like I had it all.   An amazing business, beautiful friends and family, a spiritual community, money in the bank but I was still missing one thing.  A life partner to laugh with, travel with, do service work with, make love with and have as a best friend and partner in love and life.  I am happy to report that I fell in love with this man in 2014.  He’s Australian so earlier this year I moved to Melbourne to be with him and pursue my dreams with him by my side.   So I got my happy ending, my forever after, and the next thing on mind and in my heart is to make as big a difference as I can before I leave this planet.

It took me thirteen years to get from being stuck to finding my calling. My biggest wish is to help accelerate your journey so you can get busy doing your part.

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