Women’s Circles

When women gather in circle we are intentionally setting goals, sharing purpose, and committing to passions. We bring about an ancient way of connecting and have modernized it to represent present times. Women gather sharing a piece of ourselves — our stories — deepen our individually identities. By gathering, women harness the power to heal. When meeting in circle we are inspired to focus on our projects, deepen our purpose. We, as women, meet in circle to change the world.

There’s evidence of spiritual gatherings occurring possibly as early as 300,000 years ago in Middle Paleolithic societies. While little is known about such gatherings evidence shows that communities gathered for spiritual and shamanic experience.  Although there is no written history, there is ritual art, there are paintings, and other ceremonial relics, including the first representations of the goddess figure. This means that human beings have been gathering in purposeful circle for a very long time, and that the focus of those gatherings were to awaken the divine feminine.

Women participated in circles around the fires, prepared food for families and community, and met in circle out in nature. During these times they shared stories and cultural experiences.

In the 1980s a feminist movement resurfaced with the idea that meeting in circle was a feminine way to share stories and promote healthier communication. Now is the time to re-engage, ignite a fire, and utilize our innate gifts to heal our planet.

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