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No change, NO CHANGE

If you don’t start making changes, nothing is going to CHANGE!  Many people have good intentions to take action but stop short because of their own limitations.  Lasting positive change requires a heightened consciousness and attention on our inner world leading to sustainable change in our lives and in the world.

JumpStart Change

This 15-week program is a step by step process that will support you to get centered, get clarity and create positive lasting change in your life.  In JumpStart Change I will walk you through all of the steps you need to take to get unstuck and get on purpose once and for all.  First I will help you go through a process of getting truly centered through reviewing your self-care, your money, your fears, your faith and finally help you to complete your past.  Next you will go through a process of inquiry where you will review your passions, understand how they intersect with how you are meant to impact the world and finally you will delve into your community for more answers and clarity.  The next phase of the process is around discovery where you will identify your calling, go through a visioning process of clarifying your future and finally creating a plan of action for change! The last phase of the process allows you to make positive lasting change in the world.  You will identify what new choices you need to make, celebrate your progress and finally, learn how to course correct and stay on track to making your dreams a reality!  The entire process is a transformation from the inside out!


We were not put here to be islands unto ourselves.  Dependence can make us weak and independence can lead to loneliness. Interdependence is where we stand on our own with one another.   The She Creates community holds each other up and supports each other’s risk!


Our exclusive handbook is a road map that will guide you through the process with daily activities/exercises that will help you see and feel a positive change each and every day


Suparna Bhasin is a skilled facilitator in holding the space for the deep work of each and all participants, acting as a teacher and guide to help you along your path!


A woman’s circle - a mastermind group of three women that you meet with consistently for 4 months to support you to make lasting change.

Ready to find out more?

The JumpStart CHANGE program opens for registration four times a year.  The next JumpStart will begin in early April, 2017.  The only way to hear about it is to be on our email list.